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[Pre-order] ONE PIECE Deco Stickers with Gum Egghead Edition "1 BOX contains 20 packs" *Late August 2024

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Product DescriptionA new deco sticker with gum from the Egghead arc of the anime " ONE PIECE " is now available.
The stickers are stick-on/peel-off type, so you can put them anywhere you want to decorate.The surface of the stickers has a matte finish.

Total 72 kindsSet includes: 2 stickers + 2 pieces of gum (strawberry flavored gum)The stickers include two of the 72 different stickers.
Sold in boxes of 20 packs per box.
Sticker size: (approx.) 50 x 82 mm (including the edge: 57 x 89 mm)Ages: 3 years old and upExpiration date: No indication
The anime " ONE PIECE " is broadcast every Sunday at 9:30am.
The images, designs, illustrations, etc. are for reference only. They may differ from the actual product.Product release, specifications, etc. may be subject to change, postponement, or cancellation due to various reasons.*Depending on the order status and the contents of the order, the shipping date may differ or be earlier or later, even if the order is placed on the same day.However, it may take some time for delivery depending on the order status, road conditions, weather conditions, etc. Please note that it may take some time for delivery due to order status, road and weather conditions, etc.


Product code84970381803670
price (tax excluded)¥ 3,000
price(tax included)¥ 3,300


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