A fun and excitement factory,ensky

Our ideology

What is Ensky ?A fun and excitement factory

We take the existing appeal of the characters and other IP (Intellectual Properties) entrusted to us by the entities that own them, transform this appeal into new "value" that could capture people's attention, then present them to the world.

IP is not limited to characters, but also includes picture books, video content, and illustrations of celebrities and athletes. We think of what we do as providing moments of fun and excitement to people everywhere.


Creating experience-oriented products that are fun for people across generations

We produce a variety of different experience-oriented products, including jigsaw puzzles and playing cards. Whether they are being enjoyed alone or with friends or family, our products are sure to bring fun to all kinds of situations.


Creating the objects that will most closely accompany your children as they grow

From simpler toys that children can buy with their pocket money to educational toys like origami paper and toy blocks, we produce the toys that will be the most familiar to your children as they grow. In doing so, we hope to help them build creativity and discover their dreams.


Merging characters' worlds with our products

We as the creators of these products also love the works that feature the characters we work with.
We combine this emotion and understanding with the trends of the times to build brands that reflect the characters' worlds. This in turn allows us to create quality products that are true to the characters.


Timely development of quality products while ensuring freshness and seasonality

Taking advantage of our in-house production and printing, we bring out lineups of products--featuring everything from seasonal items like celebrity and anime calendars and planners to merchandise featuring trending celebrities--right when there is the highest and most widespread demand for them.

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